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NETLINKS provides the private sector and government organizations with value-
driven enterprise solutions for various industry verticals. We use a holistic
approach to the enterprise solutions we provide, ensuring that our clients are able
to take full advantage of the exceptional services we offer. Our ERP solutions help
businesses with human resources, finance, payroll, procurement, sales forecasting,
managing inventory, allocating resources, supply chain management, and all daily
order processes within an organization, ensuring complete operational efficiency

Odoo Features

The following are just some of the amazing features that Odoo has to offer;

001 (1)@10x-min

Manage HR Resources
with powerful HR management tools

002 (1)@10x-min

management software
with double entry
system feature

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Robust Mailing System
to create great mailers, newsletters, email

004 (1)@10x-min

Manage your marketing campaigns and calculate
ROI / lead cost


Improve customer experience with Odoo

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an integrated system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. Leveraging the advanced tools and up-to-date technology, it helps to organize, automate, and synchronize the sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. The latest release of Odoo allows businesses to achieve a level of efficiency that wasn’t previously possible. Odoo offers the highest level of integration for the management of all business operations from accounting and inventory to CRM and manufacturing, marketing and sales. Odoo offers the complete solution for all of your business needs.

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Leads and Opportunities Management

002 (2)@10x-min

Sales Team

003 (2)@10x-min

Email Marketing

004 (2)@10x-min


005 (2)@10x-min

Calendars and Task Management.

Payroll Solutions

We offer a 360-degree approach with our payroll solutions. With our services, we make it easier for organizations to keep track of their recruitment and payroll needs.

null Personal Information Management
null Contract Management
null Track Time and Attendance of Employees
null Manage Leaves
null Payrolls Customized for Afghanistan
null Employee Appraisal
null Enhanced Accuracy


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