Advantages of OpenERP Integration with Magneto

OpenERP Integration with Magneto

Magento is one of the best software frameworks for the development of feature rich E-Commerce stores and is used by businesses worldwide to support their online selling ventures. In fact, Magento has become one of the top-notch online store development frameworks. On the other hand, the OpenERP is an entirely web-based ERP solution that covers over 800 modules for the SMBs. Being built on open source technology, when Magento is integrated with the latest offering of OpenERP, this integration offers a myriad of business benefits to the E-Commerce merchants.

The OpenERP follows a modular approach that includes a specific set of plug-ins and modules for different industries. For instance, for the E-Commerce industry, the Magento E-Commerce Plug-in implements the OpenERP Afghanistan with the underlying modules, and this integration can help the E-Commerce merchants considerably to streamline their multiple Magento online stores using single software.

The latest offering from OpenERP, that is, the Open ERP7 possesses several new features including multi-store management, clear design, user-friendly interface and many more. These features enhance the advantages delivered by the OpenERP integration with Magento.

The major benefits of OpenERP7 integration with Magento are:

Single Tool Offering Multiple Functionality

The integration of OpenERP7 with Magento based online stores offers a feature-rich ERP system from where all the orders, categories, products and customers can be managed by the business merchants.

Multi-Company & Multi-Currency Support

The management of purchases, assets and sales become much easier with a single tool. Furthermore, it offers a segregated chart of accounts for each company.

Shipping Integration

The OpenERP7 integration with Magento facilitates the shipping carriers’ connectors for managing the shipping services. These connectors currently provide support for FedEX, UPS and USPS but more shipping connectors can be integrated if required.

Multiple Online Platforms Support

The integration of Magento with OpenERP7 facilitates single software for the easy handling of the multiple stores. In addition to this, this integration also provides the flexibility for integrating the non-Magento stores including Prestashop or a completely different online platform such as Amazon or eBay with the entire online stores chain that one owns. Thus, the common inventories for all these stores can be easily managed from a single login from back-end.

Efficient Decision Making

An OpenERP is an entirely web-based tool using which it becomes much simpler to manage all your Magento stores online from anywhere. This also facilitates real time reporting and results which allows one to make decisions efficiently considering the most current statistics.

Quick Implementation

The process of integrating the Magento store with OpenERP 7 is very quick and simple. Though, customization of timelines may take a little time, but, the integration & implementation is quite fast.

These are among the top benefits which one can leverage by integrating the Magento store with OpenERP7, and as it is open source enterprise resource management tool, the integration of these is quite cost-effective. OpenERP7 does not require the online merchants to pay any licencing fee for its usage. So, if you own a Magento store in Afghanistan or any other part of the world, it’s the right time to integrate it with OpenERP Afghanistan and utilize all the doles.

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