Communications Technology for Governments


Governments around the world are finally taking notice of the opportunity of utilizing ICT as a sustainable solution. ICT or Information and Communications Technology is the application of computers and telecommunication technologies for the automatic and efficient processing of information. The sole purpose of ICT is to support all communication within an organization with the help of computers. Some common examples of ICT in action can be given of the Net that’s operated in offices which is called Intranet, or workstation computers that are connected together within an organization under a Local Area Network. These are some of the basic uses of ICT in private and government organizations within Afghanistan. Here, we are going to take a quick look at some of the many benefits of integrating ICT to provide the efficient exchange of communication between the government and citizens.

ICT Improves Efficiency

The integration of ICT enables governments to be more efficient in delivering a high standard of service to the masses. When it comes to public administration, ICT can have a profound impact on day-to-day processes within government institutions. ICT further enhances a government organization’s future capabilities to deliver enhanced services by having a greater sharing of communication and data. Adopting ICT means governments get to deliver successful services to the customers by understanding their requirements

Improves Government Services

One of the benefits of using ICT is that it allows government agencies to use a customer-focused approach to help solve their problems. Customer focused means that the customer should not have to understand the various complex processes that go into a government’s structure before conveying their problems and asking for a solution. In this way, ICT delivers value to not just the governments who use them, but also the customers who are served. An ICT system such as the one delivered by Netlinks, the leader in ICT and ERP solutions in Afghanistan can completely transform the existing structure that governments operate in.

Deliver Measurable Outcomes

The level of sharing of ideas and information that ICT systems enable governments to deliver exceptional services . By streamlining the communication between the central government and sub-national government organizations, including NGOs, ICT systems are able to deliver the platform necessary to facilitate various educational, training, along with other important government policies.

Bottom Me

Implementing the right ICT solution to government organization can significantly improve the level of productivity and efficiency, allowing governments to consistently deliver a high quality and cost-effective service. Netlinks is the leading provider of ICT and ERP solutions for both private and government organizations across Afghanistan. When looking for an ICT provider, its best to go with a company that has experience in the field. Netlinks has years of experience in delivering top-notch ICT services to government organizations, privately owned companies and foreign NGOs. Regardless of the size of your business or requirement of ICT solution, you can trust Netlinks to get you the accessibility and protection your ICT system needs in order to be consistent with your services.

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