Budget Management

Efficient Expense


Managing Employee Expenses made easy for you


Expense Reports Done Quicker

More Reports, Less Time

Regardless of the expenses made by your employees, Odoo gives you the privilege to easily manage them. Through a simple click, you can simply create, validate or refuse any employee expense. There is no time consuming process of downloading any specialized software, Odoo can be used to do anything and everything related to expense management.


Do not worry about losing receipts.

Easily upload receipts into the expense record.

You do not have to worry about losing receipts. Employees can simply attach their soft copies directly into Odoo, improving efficiency and maintaining a clean and complete record of all expenses made.


Manage the expenses of each team

You can have a precise view of any team's expenses.

Make sure that you are within your company's budget by keeping a close eye on your team's expenses and following each of their expense records.

Do not do it alone.

Make sure to share the workload across departments.



Through a simple click, upload receipts, draft expenses and add notes to the expense record.



Manage employees' expenses by validating or declining them, requesting extra information or adding comments.



Process various payments and invoices and keep track of all employees' expenses.

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