Managed Network Services Are Vital for Any Business in 2018!

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In this world of growing economies, many businesses rely on networking technologies to support their internal and external processes. Maintaining the ever-evolving infrastructure of technology consumes a good amount of time and efforts.

Consequently, many companies are outsourcing their network functions to networking service providers. These service providers provide businesses with access to hard-to-find skills such as networking, communication, and network security. Taking full advantage of this service enables a company to utilize its IT resources to the core-business rather ongoing network management.

The Main Stages of the Initial Process of Networking

Evaluation and Assessment

In the initial stage, network experts first identify your business requirements including future growth. Following this, if required and applicable, they evaluate the already installed network and equipment. The experts will then devise a plan to combine every existing computer system and software used by your business.

Plan and Design

Network design is way more than just connecting the network wires and configuring a few server settings. It involves tailoring the software network protocols per your systems’ and employees’ requirements. A good network design will provide you with a versatile network solution that will be easy to use and improve. Whereas, an outdated network can lead your business to fall behind on efficiency.

At this stage, the executive team and external networking team collaborate and plan for design and configuration of the new network or upgrade of the existing one. In both cases, the network will meet the requirements of your business.


Companies require seamless integration and no disturbance during implementation as any disruption could negatively affect the business. For this purpose, networking service providers start and finish the task of network implementation during off-business hours – for example, after office hours or during the weekends..

Security Services

Security risks are a common yet highly important factor for any business in the modern world. One of the huge problems faced by companies is securing networks that they at first inappropriately structured and implemented. At the end of the day, you would not go fishing riding a boat with holes in it.However, this is actually what you anticipate from your business.

The planning and execution of security solutions and protocols is an essential part of network design in Afghanistan. Organizations cannot afford to run their business network while being exposed to a wide variety of cyber threats.

Indeed, even a small organization would require a system to back-up and ensure the protection of their and their customer’s information. The business should often bridge these systems to the networks in un-upgraded and uncertain ways . At the point when the network experts design and implement a system, they take the backup arrangements into consideration during the design stage.

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