NETLINKS values diversity. Diversity of thoughts, ideas, and people.

We are a proud team of the best and brightest, diverse individuals from Afghanistan’s IT community, who are fully efficient in the latest technologies up in the market. We are concerned with our clients’ every detail to provide them with ICT solutions that are simply unmatched in Afghanistan. Don’t just take our word for it, visit our website and find out more about us and the 2800+ clients we have worked for. We currently have a team of more than 400+ talented employees who operate from Afghanistan and deliver the best to people around the globe.

President / CEO
A. Behzad-min

Ahmad Behzad

Vice President / COO
Bashir A. Baseem-min

Bashir A. Baseem

Program Director
Faisal Meeran-min

Faisal Meeran

Ab. Wadood-min

A. Wadood Ayaz

Functional Lead
Abdullah Khalil-min

Abdullah Khalil

Enterprise Apps Lead
Siawash Kasra-min

Siawash Kasra

Software Testing Lead
Qais Lakanwal-min

Qais Lakanwal

Training Manager
Jamshed Sadri-min

Jamshid Sadri

HR Manager

Zabiullah Noori


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