Efficiently Manage Suppliers & Purchase Orders

Bring great improvements to your supply chain and inventory performance


Purchasing Workflow Optimized

Based on your stock levels, RFQs are automatically delivered to suppliers.

You can further enhance your purchase and inventory performance through procurement rules. With just a few clicks, you can also pick different replenishment methods.

Product accessibility & list of prices for Suppliers

Filter out the best prices to make smarter choices.

You can easily import different price lists and filter out the best ones based on promotions, amounts and special contract circumstances.  Constantly be aware of a product's availability and even compare your sales price to your supplier's prices.


Use purchase tenders to get perfect offers

Make deals with many vendors to filter out the best prices

Examine the quality of your vendors using reports that will allow you to compare prepositions and easily send purchase orders.
Utilize Odoo's Blanket Order Agreement to purchase goods from a supplier at the best price possible!

Get figures on your purchases

Carefully plan your orders through precise analysis

Utilize Odoo's reporting features to get precise statistics on your suppliers' performance. You can also combine purchases with analytic accounting to determine your profitability.

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Easily manage several organizations

Odoo's multi company rules allow for extreme efficiency

Achieve efficiency by creating sales orders, sharing customers, suppliers and products for multiple companies at the same time. Odoo allows you to save even more time by automating the invoicing process between all the companies!


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