Sales Management

Easy Quotation Software

Use eSignature and online payment to send refined quotations!


From a proposal to eSignature,
this is how it works!


Better business with electronic signatures!

Online quotations can now be reviewed and signed by customers no matter where they are!


Enhance your customer communication

You can directly communicate via email to have a complete record of all your transactions and get custom alerts for relevant activities.


Upsell to customers and increase profits!

Implement extra options and accessories, apply triggers, discounts and more in order to easily increase your company’s sales volumes.

Use Clean Quotations to Sell More

Creatively advertise your products and services to attract more attention.

Creatively utilize Odoo’s features to add product descriptions, stunning images and additional information to easily attract customers.


Adjust your Prices for a Maximized Revenue


Achieve higher revenue by
designing, implementing and
adjusting your pricing!


Adjust your pricings to
fit your customers by
using price list rules!


Attract more customers with
considerable discounts
and coupons!


Sort your Orders & Contracts!

Improve your revenue and customer relationships by automating processes

Convert quotations into orders!

Through a single click or a simple electronic signature sign off, you can easily convert quotations into sales orders!

Manage your contracts!

Using Odoo’s recurring contracts, you can simply record and track customer invoices, explore upselling opportunities and manage subscriptions.

Give access to your customers!

Your customers can have the privilege to access their quotations, sales and delivery orders through Odoo’s customized customer portal. Odoo Sign can also be used to get signatures on various types of documents.

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