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Website Design

Web development is a process wherein websites or web pages are developed to be hosted on the internet. It includes the process of web designing, content development for the web site, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among a chain of other similar tasks.

The process of web development is majorly divided into three categories: client-side coding, server-side coding, and database technology.

• Client-side coding:

When you view or use a website, you are referred to as a client or a user. Whatever computer programs or web applications are executed by your browser, they are known as client-side scripts. The program you access requests necessary files needed for running from the web server, and then, these files are run within the client’s web browser. Thus, this allows for a web page to have distinct content based on the input of the user or other such variables. The popular examples of plugins, libraries, and languages used in client-side scripting are Javascript, Ajax, Microsoft Silverlight, and CSS3.

• Server-side coding:

Every time a user places a request for a document or any other service, server-side scripts are executed on the web server. The server then generates the document requested. This document is usually in the form of HTML which is a client browser-friendly format. The document that is sent to the client browser often contains the client-side codes. Python, ASP, .NET, PHP, Ruby, and Spring are common examples of languages that are made use of in server-side coding.

• Database Technologies:

Any website becomes functional on the Internet only once it is hosted within a database on a web server. This database accumulates all the files that are necessary for a website and its various applications to function. Usually, websites use some form of RDBMS (relational database management system). The most popular choices for RDBMS are MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Derby, Apache, and IBM.

Factors to keep in mind during Web Development:

  • Who will do the hosting?
  • How to make sure the website is interactive?
  • How to do the coding?
  • How the website can be made search engine friendly?
  • What to do for securing source code?
  • Will the web design display be proper across various browsers?
  • How easy are the navigation menus?
  • How quickly the website will load?
  • How easy will be the printing of the site pages?
  • How easily will the users be able to find specific details about the site?
  • How can the style sheets be successfully used on the site?

Though web development is not an easy task, there are various service providers who can provide you assistance in building your website. These web developers possess the necessary skills to provide you with a good output as per your requirement. They remain in constant touch and provide you with the best services based on their deep functional knowledge in this field.

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