What is Odoo and why should you choose it?

Why Odoo?

Earlier known as Open ERP, Odoo is an exhaustive suite comprising of a wide array of business applications subsuming Project Management, CRM, Sales, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management, and Financial Management.

Taking the functionality of Open ERP to another level altogether, Odoo is a comprehensive suite. Not only it is open source and possesses ERP capabilities, but it has much more to offer apart from Enterprise Resource Planning functionalities. Odoo has the support of a dynamic community, is highly flexible and can be easily customized as per your needs.

How does it Helps your Business?

By offering a broad array of business benefits, Odoo helps your business grow in an unprecedented manner. Here are the cardinal advantages delivered by Odoo which make the Odoo Afghanistan worth choosing & implementing.

It is Comprehensive

If your current ERP system lacks in the functionalities which you need to support the operations of your business, then it’s time to switch over to ODOO, as it offers a wealth of features & functionalities with over 1000 modules which can be easily deployed to meet your business needs. With an active support from an online community, the stack of functionalities offered by Odoo will continue to increase.

It is Modular

Being highly modular, you can find the modules which you need to support your business and can benefit from the integrated solutions.

It Possesses Advanced Technology Support

Odoo is based on an advanced and up-to-the-minute technology stack. These technologies are upgraded from time to time and are capable of adapting to the latest paradigms.

It Offers Low TCO

Cost savings is an imperative benefit delivered by Odoo as it has very low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Though, better technology and higher functionality compensate for the initial cost incurred on the implementation of Odoo, but there is also a wide array of tangible & intangible benefits delivered by Odoo which makes it a highly cost-effective solution. For instance, the Odoo Afghanistan when implemented in the business significantly lowers down the administrative costs, operating costs, obsolete inventory, inventory costs and the maintenance costs. These intangible benefits help in considerable cost savings for the business.


Not just the Odoo is easy software to use, but it is also highly flexible as it can be easily tailored to fit in the specific business requisites of a company. It supports the continuous innovation and sociability which is required by the organizations in order to lead the market in today’s cutting edge competitive scenario.

No-Vendor Lock In

Being open source in nature, the Odoo is free to download and easy to install. There is no licensing fee associated with Odoo and since, there is a vast community allied to this enterprise resource planning and management tool, it assures the continued support. Since, there is no specific group of people, developers or technicians that control the developments to Odoo, the businesses can enjoy no lock-ins by a particular vendor. The source code is customization which implies the businesses using Odoo can also apply their own patches for enhancing its functionality, fixing the bugs or to customize it.

All these features of ODOO make it worth using by the businesses which seek growth and development opportunities.

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