What should you avoid while designing logo for a website?

Things to avoid while designing logo

A company logo is much more than just being the visual identity of a brand as it also performs the task of elaborating the personality of your brand while making it visually memorable. It also does the task of marketing a company’s products globally and persuading the various prospects to not only buy, but also become the patrons of the brand. The underlying elements of a successful logo design include visual appeal, simplicity and ease in remembering. Though it’s never difficult to make your brand’s logo stand out in a crowd but you certainly need to invest time in brainstorming the concept for the logo.

If you want to indulge in the graphics design Afghanistan services or even outsource your logo designing to a renowned graphics design company, ensure that the logo designer avoids the following mistakes in order to come up with a successful logo design.

  1. One of the most basic mistakes that a logo designer must avoid is not using the vector graphics for designing the logos. Vector graphics give logo a lucid and clear appearance while ensuring that the logos do not exhibit low quality when viewed on the wider HD screens. Numerous logo designers use bitmaps and raster graphics, due to which a logo might lose quality when zoomed.

  2. Over designing of the fonts is another mistake, which one must avoid while designing the logos, as the over designed typefaces only make a logo look confusing and overworked. Such logos are not able to give a unique identity to a brand. Also, the use of more than two font types in a logo may also ruin its overall look, and thus, must be avoided.

  3. Imitation of the logo of successful brands is also a common mistake that most of the logo designers make. A logo must be able to leave an instant impact and should not make the customer remind of other brands. When the logo designers copy the logo of a brand, it is not able to make the right impact on the customers.

  4. Using complex designs in logos is another common mistake, which must be avoided to ensure that the logo is appealing and impact full. A logo designers must spend some time on researching about the brand for which logo is being designed and should come up with simplistic design which is capable of making an instant impact on the viewer.

  5. Usage of stock art in logo is also one of the most common mistakes usually the beginner logo designers make. Stock art images badly affect the brand personality of a company and the uniqueness of the logo. Another problem that stock art images may cause is the violation of the intellectual property laws and the copyright infringement. So, in order to avoid these issues, one must completely avoid using these images for the logo designing.

Logo designing is creative art which needs great attention to detail as it can define a brand’s identity. Thus, the logo designers offering the graphics design Afghanistan services must avoid committing the above mentioned mistakes.

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