Why are businesses adopting Open Source over the proprietary software?

Open Source for business

Most of the business houses struggle these days to arrive at the decision that what is the best software development framework for them – open source or proprietary. However, more than 50% businesses worldwide are using and favoring open source over proprietary software as the characteristics of the former clearly set them apart from the latter.

Furthermore, the unique benefits delivered by Open Source have started giving them an edge over the proprietary software & tools which were dominating the IT industry for years.

This post presents the cardinal reasons that why businesses are making a shift and adopting the Open Source over the proprietary software:

Try Before You Buy

If you do not want to use the commercial Open Source Afghanistan software and want to give the community version of open source software a try, you can easily do it without requiring spending any extra cost. These software can be tried free of cost before the actual implementation. Anyone can download these including their source code. In fact, most of the times a free version of the commercial Open Source software is also available for trial purposes and it also includes the source code for evaluation.

Vast Support

With Open Source software, one gets free and vast support from its global community. Whether you are evaluating an open source package or are integrating it commercially, it possesses the same global community of developers and users from whom one can take advice or ask questions. The support subsumes wikis, forums, detailed documentation, email lists, live chat and newsgroups.

Few Bugs & Faster Fixes

As open source software is used & evaluated by millions of developers across the globe, thus, the probability of the exposure of more bugs is much higher than the proprietary software which only has a small team of developers to examine its source code. In addition to this, the open source communities are usually much faster in implementing the bug fixes. Furthermore, as the source code comes with the software, the customers are also free to apply their own patches to the source code.

No Vendor Lock-Ins

Except if the software is commercial Open Source software, there is a minimal reliance on a specific group or vendor for the continued maintenance, improvements and support. Additionally, as the open sour e community is diverse and distributed, there is very little risk that you will end up possessing orphaned software. Even, if it happens, you will have access to the source code, you can have you own team of developers to work on it for maintenance and improvements.

Open Standards and Inseparability

The open source software is far better at adhering to the open standards as compared to their proprietary counterparts. Moreover, if you value Inseparability with the other users, systems, and businesses, and do not want to be limited by the typical proprietary data formats, open source software is the most ideal software solution for your business.

All these features and advantages make the open source Afghanistan software certainly the better choice as compared to the proprietary ones, and thus, businesses are adopting these.

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